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ClickAfrique Magazine - African Shout Out!

Colonial Mentality of African Leaders.

Should the ex-leader of African country accept a position defending the global propagation of the country’s colonial language and culture?

Is the Ex-President of Senegal right to fight for the expansion of French as a Language?

Should Mozambique pay Portugal for the Cahora Bassa Hydro-electric dam?

In a ceremony this week the Mozambique government is to hand over a payment of US$950-million to the government of Portugal. The payment is the price tag of an 82% share of the mammoth Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam.

Should Mozambique pay Portugal for Cahora Bassa?

Will 2007 be the Nigerian Year of the Democrat?

Last Sunday was the Chinese New Year and in keeping with Buddhist traditions has been designated the Year of the Pig. This year also has significance in Nigeria as a very crucial election is set to take place, some may even call this the Nigerian Year of the Democrat.

Musa Yaradua Presidential Candidate for Nigeria's ruling party (PDP)

Is China good for Africa?

China's success has been the economic story of the last two decades, receiving admiring glances from nations across the globe including Africa all wanting to share in the success, but is it a mutually beneficial relationship?

Can a prize for good governance make a difference ?

Sudanese Telecommunications billionaire Mo Ibrahim offers a prize to African leaders to reward good governance.

Should Celebrities be able to adopt African babies so easily?

When it comes to adopting African children, it seems that foreign celebrities have it easy, but should they? It's your shout.


Who should I play for?

Former England International John Fashanu warns Aston Villa player Gabriel Agbonlahor to ditch Engalnd and play for Nigeria.

Has South Africa Lost its Way?

In an interview with the BBC, Archbishop Desmond Tutu warned that there was a ‘power keg’ in South Africa which was ready to be ignited and could lead to social unrest due to the poverty facing its people. Is he right?

Young South Africans - the future that once seemed bright now full of uncertainty.

Darfur – What can Africa do?

The conflict in the Darfur rages own, the UN stands at a loss on what to do as Sudan refuses to budge on letting in UN mandated peace keepers into the region which is in dire need of peace.

Darfur, Sudan - A region in conflict

Here's your cut, boss!

A recent survey has show that some foreign firms are all too willing to give out bribes in African countries in order to do business, something they seem not to be in their home countries. Somehow that does not seem right.

Bribery and corruption is a big problem in African nations.

Zokoragate – it is just a game!

Tottenham‘s Didier Zokora has been chastised in the English media for allegedly taking a dive in a recent game against Portmouth, which led to a penalty that earned the points for Tottenham. But are they being too harsh on the Ivorian hard man?

Didier Zokora, Cote D'Ivoire and Tottenham Midfielder

Is it all over for Atiku?

Atiku Abubakar, the current Vice President of Nigeria, has been suspended by his political party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and this would effectively rule himout of the primaries for the presidential ticket for the party. Those this effectively end his bid to become the president of Nigeria? Shout Out! and let us know what you think.

Abubakar Atiku, Vice President of Nigeria

Should Jacob Zuma run for the Presidency of South Africa?

Former Vice President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has left his legal problems behind him for the time being and is ready to launch his bid for the highest post in the South African government. ClickAfrique asks the question, despite not being found guilty of any crime, should he really run for a post that should be beyond reproach? Shout Out! and let us know what you think.

Former Former Vice President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma

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