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Should Celebrities be able to adopt African babies so easily?

Last Updated: 10/17/2006 6:36:16 AM

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When it comes to adopting African children, it seems that foreign celebrities have it easy, but should they? It's your shout.....

First it was Angelina Jolie who "rescued" the little Ethiopian baby now known as Zahara from a life of poverty and destitution, allegedly she chose a baby from Ethiopia because it was the country her four year old son Maddox said he liked best.

Zahara is now set for a life amongst the rich and famous, a life with far removed from any thing she could have experienced had she stayed in her native Ethiopia.

Over the last few weeks we learn of another uber-celebrity Madonna jetting out on a mission to Africa. This time to Malawi, it may be at the opposite end of the continent from Ethiopia but the mission was similar rescuing a poor tot, this time Baby David Banda, from deprivation and want.

Madonna's attempt at adoption has as would be expected generated a lot of press inches both for and against. It has raised a number of issues including

- Would it have made more sense to spend money on helping a whole village or orphanage rather than lavishing the money on a single kid?

- However there are reports that she has plans to donate $3 million dollars to help the children through her charity, Raising Malawi, so are people being fair on her?

- What sort of relationship will the child have with his father who is still alive?

- Why was Madonna able to adopt a baby so quickly, a process that would have taken most couples years?

Let us know what you think on this hot topic, we would love to hear from you.


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