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Darfur – What can Africa do?

Last Updated: 10/6/2006 5:36:21 PM

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The conflict in the Darfur rages own, the UN stands at a loss on what to do as Sudan refuses to budge on letting in UN mandated peace keepers into the region which is in dire need of peace.....

Darfur, Sudan - A region in conflict
Darfur, Sudan - A region in conflict

As the UN debates the crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan, it must be a worrying time for the displaced people in the region, as the 7,000 strong African Union (AU) forces sent in to keep the peace have failed to do so.

The UN wants to sends its own peace keeping, who would be obviously more better equipped and better trained to handle peace enforcement in the region. However Sudan is against the idea, and instead would prefer for the AU to send in more troops to quell the situation.

Now the UN cannot forcibly enter the region with own troops without the permission of the Sudanese government, or the UN Security Council passing a special resolution to do so, which is very unlikely. The UN is frustrated by Sudan’s stance in a region that clearly needs some form of stability, and President Kofi Annan has said the region is on a brink of catastrophic situation.

Is Sudan right in refusing to accept the UN troops, shouldn’t it determine what type of help and why that it comes to resolve what is considered to be an internal conflict. Or is it refusing help to carry out what the United States is genocide of the non-Arab people in the region. Is there more other African nations can do to resolve the situation, beside sending in more inadequately and ill-equipped troops, and if so what can they do and they should they do? It your shout.


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Comment By: EberAIkechukwu

The question is what can Africa do?,The solution has been campaigned some time ago,by Gadafi of Libeia,which is United states for Africa.But,becausemost of the African leaders deafend their ears because of their selfish interest.The problem of dafur is influencing by so called developed countries.But you see nobody is check mating them,because the sea way are very very in Africa lacking security.Our people the IGBOs in the Easthern Nigeria use to say that ANU NA GBA OTU OTU,ANA EGBU YA OTU OTU.meaning group of animals that runs alone in self protection,will be killed one by one.Iam an aspiring politician,but I consider the peace and the Unity of Africans first.What the all well meaning African should stand up and propagate now is UNITED STATES OF AFRICANs.that will bring all the crisis in Africa to an end.I have a project which am marketing now for sponsors to come in,to that effect.The PROJECT is all about starting now training the children 5-17 years about the United State for Africans.The importans and the benefits and more.Through this PROJECT,Africans will know that the only remedy for the crisis in Africa is UNITED STATES FOR AFRICANs.
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Posted On: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 4:32 PM

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