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ClickAfrique Magazine - African Technology Specials

Egypt the Cheapest Country in the World to Make a Mobile Phone Call

Egypt tops the list in 2007 for being the cheapest country in the world to place a 3 minutes phone call during peak hours according to a report released by the World Economic Forum.

Mobinil is Egypt’s largest mobile phone operator with over 16 million subscribers in 2007

Africa’s Ten Most IT Friendly Countries in 2007

A look at the African countries that have made the most strides in the implementation of information technology policies to make their economies more competitive in the year 2007.

Most analysts agree that there is a string link between a country’s ICT infrastructure and its economic development.


South Africa’s Top Ten Websites

The most popular websites from South Africa visited by South Africans.

South Africa's top tem websites

Africa's Ten Best Performing Stock Markets in 2005

ClickAfrique takes a look at the ten best performing stock markets on the continent in 2005.

Africa's best performing stock markets for 2005

Africa’s Top Ten ICT implementer countries for 2005

ClickAfrique takes a look the continent’s top performers when it comes to implementing information and communication technology (ICT).

Africa's Technology Implementors are looking to ICT solutions to help improve thier economy

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