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ClickAfrique - 10 random facts about Morocco.

Last Updated: 1/17/2010 2:23:16 PM

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2nd of March, 2007 is Morocco's 51st year of independence from France and here are ten random facts about Morocco.......

Flag of Morocco
Flag of Morocco

1. Casablanca is Morocco's largest city, its commercial capital and its major port. It has a population of about 3.5 million about 11% of Morocco's population. Casablanca is a major tourist destination and is famed in the West for the Humphrey Bogart movie of the same name.

2. The Capital of Morocco and its second largest city is Rabat. The city of 1.2 million was founded around the 3rd century BC. It was occupied by the Romans between 40 BC and 250 AD., when it was known as Sala Colonia. In 1146 it was invaded by the Almohads, a Berber muslim movement and they renamed the city Ribatu l-Fath, meaning "stronghold of the victory", from which the name Rabat was derived.

3. The largest mosque in the world is located in Casablanca. The Mosque of Hasan II covers 20,000 sq. m and can accommodate 25,000 people.The mosque was designed by Michel Pinseau, a French architect.

4. Majority (80%) of Morocco's population are Arabs and Arabised Berbers. A sizeable minority, about 6 million, are ethnic Berbers who live mainly in the inland and southern parts of Morocco.

5. Despite being thought of as a hot dry country, Morocco actually boast a number of ski resorts. The most famous of which is Oukaimeden, just South of Marrakech. The resort lies on the Atlas mountain range, 3273 metres above sea level.

6. Morocco's most famous Olympian is Hicham el Gerrouj. El Gerrouj won 3 medals at two Olympics, a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in the 1500m, and eclipsed this four years later in Athens with a double gold in the 1500 and 5000m races. In doing so he surpassed the achievement of his great compatriot Said Aouita aslo an olympic medal winner.

7. The national anthem of Morocco is the Hymne Cherifien. It was written by Leo Morgan and the final lyrics were added by Ali Squalli Houssaini in 1970.

8. Morocco longest river is the Draa River, It runs for 1100 km from the Atlas mountain, along most of the Moroccan-Algerian border before emptying into the Atlantic ocean near Cape Draa.

9. Morocco is said to the world's largest producer of Hashish. It is alleged that the country earns more from the export of Hashish than it does from tourism, officially the largest earner of foreign exchange. Most of the crop is grown around the Rif Mountains in the northern tip of the country hence the term "reefer".

10. Morocco has a varied and exciting culinary culture. Famous dishes from Morocco include Couscous, Tajine (Lamb, Vegetable etc), Tanjia, Chakchouka amongst others.


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