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ClickAfrique - 10 random facts about the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

Last Updated: 2/27/2007 11:33:19 PM

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27th of February, 2007 is the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic's (SADR) 30th year of declaring Independence from Spain and here are ten random facts about SADR.....

Flag of SADR
Flag of SADR

1. Majority of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is occupied by Morocco, who invaded soon after the Spanish colonialists withdrew in 1976. Morocco have long laid claim to the territory of SADR and despite several UN resolutions against them on the issue have been steadfast in their claims.

2.The government of SADR is currently based in exile. It operates out of the Sahrawi refugee camps in Bir Lehlou located at Tindouf, a region in the south of Algeria.

3. When the SADR was admitted into the collective grouping of African nations, the then Organisation of African Unity (now the Africa Union). Morocco withdrew and has refused to rejoin since.

4. The SADR occupies an area of 266,000 square kilometres. This equivalent to the size of the United Kingdom.

5. the SADR is Africa's least densely populated country in Africa as well as in the world. It's density is approximated to be 1.3 persons per square kilometre.

6. The SADR is rich in mineral resources in particular it has the world's largest reserves of high grade phosphates as well as extensive iron ore deposits. Numerous studies have also shown that it has extensive offshore reserves of oil and gas.

7. The main language of the Sahrawis is Hassaniya. A distinct dialect of Arabic spoke in Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Senegal and SADR. Its distinctiveness is due largely to its exposure to Wolof and Berber languages like Zenaga.

8. The SADR Army is known as the Sahrawi Popular Army of Liberation and is believed to have 6-7000 soldiers under arms, most of who are based in the Tindouf camps. Military service is compulsory for all women and men aged 18.

9. The Western Sahara national football team is the official football team for the Western Sahara and is controlled by Fédération Sahraoui du Footballe. They are not affiliated to FIFA or Confederation of African Football, and therefore cannot compete for the FIFA World Cup or African Cup of Nations.

10. The Internet root domain for the Western Sahara is .eh. However there is not yet a single name registered.


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