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ClickAfrique - 10 Random Facts about Gambia.

Last Updated: 2/10/2007 8:57:34 PM

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18th of February, 2007 is Gambia's 42nd year of independence from the United Kingdom and here are ten random facts about Gambia.......

Flag of Gambia
Flag of Gambia

1. Gambia is one of only two African countries that share borders with only one other country. In Gambia's case it is completely surrounded by Senegal. The other country, Lesotho, shares a border only with South Africa.

2. Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa at 11,300 square km (4,363 square miles) and 48km at its widest. It is just about seven times the size of greater London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

3. Gambia is split almost evenly into two by the River Gambia, as it flows from the Futa Djallon hills in Guinea through Gambia to the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Famously, the American author Alex Haley traced his roots to the village of Juffure on the north banks of the River Gambia, and this was the inspiration for his Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Roots.

5. Gambia is made up of 5 divisions, Central River, Lower River, North Bank, Upper River and Western; as well as the capital city Banjul.

6. The unit of currency of Gambia is the Dalasi which is made up of 100 bututs. Dalasi is believed to be a corruption of the word dollars in the Mandingo language.

7. In 1992, Gambia and Senegal merged into a confederation with the aim of becoming a single country, however the two countries were able to agree on the steps needed to take towards integration and the confederation came to an end in 1989.

8. Gambia is a major tourist destination, and tourism is becoming one of the major components of the Gambian economy. Tourism in Gambia is aided by it being about six hours from most European capitals and its abundance of sunny, sandy beaches.

9. Gambia's best known footballer is Alhaji Mohomodo Nije, also known as 'Biri Biri'. Born in 1945, he played for several European teams at a time when African players were few and far between. These teams included England's Derby County, Denmark's B 1901, Spain's Sevilla and Belgium's Anderlecht.

10. The Capital of Gambia is Banjul, which lies on island at southern tip of the mouth of the River Gambia, Gambia largest city is Serrekunda which lies a few miles south west of Banjul.


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