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101 Places to Visit in Africa – Malawi to Seychelles

Last Updated: 1/17/2010 1:43:10 PM

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The second part of our 101 Places to Visit in Africa, featuring places from Malawi to Seychelles.....

One of the numerous golden sand beaches in Mauritius
One of the numerous golden sand beaches in Mauritius

Ever wondered on where you can visit on the African continent, well fret no longer as ClickAfrique brings you a list of 101 places to visit. The list is not ranked in particular order, nor are the locations chosen on any criteria. They are just some of the best that Africa has to offer but the list is by no means comprehensive. Before deciding to travel to any pf these locations, please check with your local traveling bodies for the necessary information.



35. Liwonde National Park – This is the closest that Malawi has to a game reserve but a visit is still worth it. The River Shire, it cross the park in the west is the place to spot the elephants, hippos and crocodiles, while the east of the park would reveal sable and roan antelopes, zebras and elands. This is also a good place for bird watching as it has a wide variety.

36. Lake Malawi National Park - Lake Malawi contains the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world. Main attraction to this park is the Livingstonia Mission which was built in memory of Dr Livingstone. Nkhata Bay, Chintheche, Nkhotakota and Bay of Kotor are some of nices places to spend the night with great scenic views.

37. Livingstonia – This little paradise is set on the edge of Lake Malawi and is an idea place for a honeymoon. Eating some of the excellent cuisine on offer by the azure waters or rest and relax around the beautiful pool overlooking the golden sandy beach, Livingstonia provides a great memory for a any holiday maker.


38. Grand Baie – Think deep blue sea, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and boat excursions to other blissful islands, then is the place for you. It also has planet of restaurants and a good night life.

39. Flacq – Boasts of some of the best beaches in Mauritius, with plenty of water sports on offer.

40. Rodrigues - This is where Mauritians go to holiday, a paradise away from paradise. Might not have as many attractions as the main island but is selling point is you can still have all the sun soaked beauty Mauritius has on offer in a less crowded and simpler environment.


41. Agadir - Has one of the most awesome beaches in Morocco and a few nice golf courses as well. Also visit the walled city of Taroudannt, Paradise valley and the Massa Lagoon which are not too far from Agadir.

42. Tangier - This is a city with a lot of charm and history, it also has some lovely beaches. There are plenty of restaurants and nightclubs which make for an entertaining nightlife.

43. Rabat – One of the four Imperial cities of Morocco. Be sure to visit the Royal Palace, especially during the guard change on Friday mornings. This city is filled with a lot of historical attractions, and its sister city Sale should not be overlooked.

44. Meknes – Another of the imperial cities. Be sure to visit the impressive tomb of Sultan Moulay Ismail, who built many of the monuments found in the city, most especially the city gates. The well preserved Roman ruins at Volubilis are not far from the city and are well worth a visit.

45. Fez – The medieval capital of Morocco is third of the Imperial cities. This is the birthplace of the Fez cap and is home to one of the oldest and largest medieval city in the world, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

46. Marrakech – The last of the Imperial cities, the city is famed for its markets and festivals. The markets provide an unbelievable atmosphere with snake charmers, musicians, magicians, acrobats and storytellers.


47. Mozambique Island – A UNESCO World Heritage site, this island was once a major player in the Eastern African coastal life as the capital of the former Portuguese colony. The island hosts a number of historical buildings, including The Chapel of our Lady of the Bulwarks, which was constructed in 1522 and alleged to be the oldest European structure still standing in the southern hemisphere.

48. Pemba Island – Here you would find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, coral reefs, plenty of water sports and some really interesting buildings. If you are looking for that Caribbean experience in Africa, Pemba Island is one of the places that can provide that, and some say even better.

49. Tofo - A great place for diving, here there is an amazing array of marine life, including the Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. The beaches are clean and provide an interesting back drop in the sun rise and sun set.

50. Bazaruto Archipelago – A tropical paradise consisting of five islands each providing spectacular views with great sandy beaches; clear, blue waters; an indulgence of colourful birds; and enjoyable diving and snorkelling.


51. Etosha National Park – 20% of the world’s cheetahs reside in Namibia, and this one of the great places to spot them in the wild. There is also a plethora of mammals and birds here as most of Africa’s game can be found in this park.

52. Swakopmund – Little Germany in Africa. Swakopmund is a small Bavarian village lifted straight out of the German heartland. Lying between the desert and the sea, one can enjoy the best of both worlds.

53. Fish River Canyon – This amazing and huge canyon is located within the Fish River Canyon National Park is a hiker’s delight. Plenty of hiking trails which take you along some of the best views the canyon has to offer, and at the end of the trail are relaxing, bubbling hot springs.


54. Obudu Cattle Ranch – Great place for horse riding and its altitude means that the temperatures there are always cool. If you are a meat lover then the food would be spot on as they have a variety of meal based dishes from all over the continent. The cable car ride is an absolute joy as it takes you base camp to the summit of the ranch. Said to be one of the longest in the world.

55. Yankari Game Reserve – Despite poaching, this is still the best place to observe animals in the wild in Nigeria. The main attraction is the Wikki Warm Springs, which maintain the same temperature all year round. Great for swimming and the water is crystal clear.

56. Kano – This is the oldest city in West Africa and probably one of the nicest cities to visit in Nigeria. Be sure to visit the walls of the Old City and the Kurmi Market is a good place to shop for handicrafts.


57. Saint Dennis – Reunion is probably one of the most overlooked places for travelers outside France. This island has clear blue skies, white sandy beaches and turquoise blue lagoons. Saint Dennis, the capital, is like any other French city, with its restaurants, brasseries, bistros and cafes. Be warned though, prices are almost the same as those found in France, so not a cheap city to visit.


58. Parc National Nyungwe Forest – Rwanda is getting back on its feet after the genocide that occurred in 1994. The Nyungwe Forest is an amazing stretch of rain forest that is home to chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, 50 species of other mammals, 270 species of tree, 275 species of bird. It has happens to be one of the oldest rain forests in Africa with really breath taking views.

59. Gisenye – Located on the Lake Kivu, this lakeside resort has plenty of water sports on offer. To sure to visit the nearby Parc National des Volcans, an incredible sight of seven volcanoes and bamboo and rain-forest covered slopes. Also happens to be one of the last places to sight the rare mountain gorilla.


60. Príncipe – The smaller of the two islands of Sao Tome and Principe. This is a one town island but still worth the visit. Has plenty of fishing and snorkeling opportunities, with the occasional trek and biking around the town. This is one of the favorite spots for very well off tourists, some famous, because of it being virtually unheard of amongst the regular traveler.

61. Sao Tome – The larger of the islands, with a capital with the same name. Great beaches around the island, and well maintained parks and gardens. Also stroll round old colonial Portuguese buildings, including the 16th century cathedral and Fort São Sebastião on the peninsula.


62. Dakar – This is a must for any African traveler. A little like Paris but with polite people and beautiful beaches. The city is great for shopping and has an excellent night life. If possible try and organize trips to one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Senegal, especially Île de Gorée which was used as a slave export port and not too far from Dakar.

63. St. Louis – If you have ever been to New Orleans in the United States, you be would greeted with a strange sense of déjà vu on a visit the former capital of Senegal. This is the first French settlement in sub-Saharan Africa, built in 1659 and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site along with the Djoudj National Park, which is about an hour away. Well worth a visit.

64. Parc National de Pendjari – this is located in the in the southeast part of Senegal, and with along with Parc National de Pendjari in Benin Republic are considered the best game parks in West Africa.

65. Niokolo-Koba National Park - Located in the eastern part of Senegal, this park is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has almost all the plant and animal species found in West Africa.


66. Mahe - This is the largest of the Seychelles group of islands and hosts one of the smallest capitals in the world, - Victoria. The island is dominated but a mountain range and has dozens of beaches scattered all over the island. An amazing number of activities to choose from during the day and the nightlife is great with two casinos, and a number of great restaurants and nightclubs.

67. Praslin – If you were ever looking for the best tropical island, then this is a good place as any to start from. This is the second largest of the islands and provides all that is needed for a tropical island holiday. Its virgin inland forest houses some of the rarest animals and plants in the world.

68. La Digue – Just when you are thinking that the Seychelles cannot be any more beautiful, someone drops you off on La Digue. This is the place to escape all the hassle and stress of the modern world as time as stood still on this island. Ideal for long romantic strolls on its wide beaches, and with opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.



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Comment By: mytravel12

Africa is the very interesting place to travel in vacations. There are number of places to see from Malawi to Seychelles. The beauty of this places attract the tourist to visit here and their vacations. Beaches, historical places, old cities and there are number of attractive things are there to visit.

Posted On: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:55 AM

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