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101 Places to Visit in Africa - Angola to Madagascar

Last Updated: 1/17/2010 2:01:39 PM

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The first part of our 101 Places to Visit in Africa, featuring places from Angola to Madagascar.....

Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Botswana
Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Botswana

Ever wondered on where you can visit on the African continent, well fret no longer as ClickAfrique brings you a list of 101 places to visit. The list is not ranked in particular order, nor are the locations chosen on any criteria. They are just some of the best that Africa has to offer but the list is by no means comprehensive. Before deciding to travel to any pf these locations, please check with your local traveling bodies for the necessary information.



1. Parque Nacional da Kissama – A well stocked wild life park that is home to elephants, water buffalo and indigenous palanca antelopes with open coastal savannah punctuated by baobab trees.


2. Parc National de Pendjari – One of best wildlife park in West Africa. It has a beautiful landscape spotted with lions, leopards, elephants, baboons and hippos.


3. Mokolodi Nature Reserve – Just 9 miles from the state capital, Gaborone, the reserve has plenty of the local flora as well as a remarkable group of indigenous animals such as the white rhino, mountain reedbuck, various antelope, zebra, giraffe, hyena and warthog.

4. Serowe – A picturesque traditional village set against rocky hills to the east, with the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Central Kalahari Game Reserve not too far away.

5. Okavango Delta – A must for visitors to Botswana. The largest inland delta on earth boasts of a large collection game, a vast variety of fish, and an impressive diversity of bird species.


6. Cidade Velha – The oldest settlement on the Cape Verde islands, beautiful scenery and beaches. Provides a taste of Portugal in Africa.

7. Mindelo - The cultural capital of Cape Verde with charming old buildings. Best time to visit is around the time of the Mindelo carnival.


8. Mayotte –A French protectorate that is part of the archipelago of the Comoros. Has one of the largest lagoons in the world and diving is mandatory when visiting.


9. Cairo – Attracts visitors from around the world. A historic city with plenty to offer. A visit to the Pyramids and the Sphinx is a must.

10. Abu Simbel - One of the places to visit when in Egypt. Has two of most magnificent temples country, that of Ramses and Nefertari.

11. Hurghada – Clear waters and clean beaches, a delightful place for the water sports enthusiasts.

12. Luxor – Most famous for the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens and the Tombs of the Noble. Also has the beautiful Luxor Temple.

13. El Gouna – Resort town located on the edge of the Red Sea. Hard to be bored in this town, has plenty to offer.

14. Alexandria – One of the most famous cities of the Old World and one of the most pleasant of the New World. Steep in plenty of history certainly not a place to be ignored.

15. Sharm el-Sheik - One of the best destinations in the World for diving and one of the largest tourist centers in the Arab world.


16. Dahlak Islands – An archipelago of some 200 islands that are great for scuba diving, sailing and fishing.

17. Asmara - Modern city that is capital of Eritrea with an interesting blend of Italian colonial buildings and modern Eritrean architecture. One of the cleanest cities on the continent and culturally diverse.


18. Axum – Supposedly one of the places the Queen of Sheba lived and according to local legend the remains of the Ark are in the 17th-century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion built by Emperor Haile Selasie. Plenty of historic buildings on view.

19. Lalibela – A must if visiting Ethiopia. Visit the eleven ancient churches carved out of red rock. Has plenty of religious festivals on offer for the spiritually minded, especially that of the celebration of Jesus Christ's baptism, held in September.


20. Libreville – One of the most posh cities on the African continent, also one of he most expensive. However a visit would not end in disappointment as they are plenty of things on offer.

21. Réserve de la Lopé – A place where time has stood still. This is what central African looked like centuries ago. Possibility of seeing the man’s closest relatives - Gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. A truly unique place.


22. Wassu Stone Circles – A gathering of stones that are believed to be the burial moulds of ancient kings. The stones are believed to be have been erected before the 8th century. Now listed in the World Heritage List.

23. Banjul - A delightful sea port with plenty of markets selling various types of arts and crafts. Banjul has quite a number of resorts on the sea front.

24. Juffure – If you have ever read or seen “Roots” by Alex Haley, then Juffure is the place for you. This is the home place of Kunta Kinte and a must for the Roots pilgrims.


25. Cape Coast – One of Ghana oldest cities which played a part in the slave trade. Visit the slave castles - Cape Coast and Elmina castles, as well as the Kakum National Park and then chill on the exceptionally clean Elmina beach.

26. Kumasi – While Kumasi itself has a lot to offer, like the palace of the Ashanti king, it is also a useful base for which to visit Bonwire, Owabi Wildlife Resort and Lake Bosumtwi.

27. Accra - Beautiful beaches, plenty of cultural attractions, really good restaurants and a great night life, Accra displeases very few of its visitors.


28. Bijagos islands – A group of about twenty islands or more islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Quiet beautiful beaches and very pleasant locals. A really quiet place to relax. Was unaffected by the civil unrest in the country.


29. Masai Mara Game Reserve – Although Kenya has numerous national parks this has to be it most popular. Although overcrowded with tourists, this is still the best game park to spot the big three big cats – lions, leopards and cheetahs. The migrating wildebeests from the Serengeti is also a sight to behold.

30. Samburu National Reserve – Located in the northen part of Kenya, this park also has all the big cats, as well as the dry country animals - oryx, gerenuk, reticulated giraffe and the rare Grevy's zebra. Sightings of elephants, buffalos and hippos are also possible.

31. Mombasa – Kenya’s second largest city takes off that edge that is found in Nairobi. Indulge in the Swahili culture and food in Old Town, choose from three delightful beaches on which to relax or enjoy the vibrant night life. There are also safari tours available from the city.


32. Tripoli – Ancient city will plenty of history, well worth the visit. Historical monuments are not uncommon within the city, and day trips can be organized to ancient roman sites which include Sabratha and Leptis magna. There are also some really nice beaches just outside the city.


33. Parc National de L'Isalo – For those who are into hiking, this region offers some really spectacular views, especially at sun rise and sun set. Lemur spotting is also possible.

34. Nosy Be – Madagascar‘s premier resort location, with several smaller islands nearby. Nosy Be has plenty of restaurants and nightclubs. The marvelous beaches and the natural lemur reserve will appeal to visitors.



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