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Apple's iPad hits the South African market.

Apple has been at the forefront of many of the key technological and design innovations over the last decade most notably the iPod and the iPhone.

Not content with radically changing the look and feel of mobile phones and MP3 players they have now turned their sights on tablet computing with the iPad, and the South African website ITWeb asks what this means for the South African market.

iPad hits South Africa

Egypt bans Skype from phones

The Egyptian authorities have banned phone companies from providing voice over IP (VoIP) services such as Skype on their phones insisting that all international phone calls are routed through the national telephone company.

Egypt bans Skype

Nigeria is Africa’s largest telecom market.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest telecommunication market with 47 million active subscribers.

Nigeria leads Africa in phone users.

Nigeria to Become a Nuclear Power?

Nigeria’s is considering developing nuclear energy plants to generate power to tackle to current energy crisis in the country.

Nigeria’s President Yar’Adua made the energy sector his number one priority when he was sworn into office


Man faces three years in jail for fake Facebook profile in Morocco

A Moroccan computer engineer has been jailed in Morocco for three years after being convicted of creating a fake profile on Facebook of a member of the Moroccan royal family.

Man faces three years jail for fake facebook profile

Morocco lifts ban on YouTube.

Moroccan authorities have lifted the ban placed on YouTube the video sharing web site owned by Google Inc.

Moroccan 'ban' on YouTube lifted.

Malawi Mobile Phone Network goes off the air.

Celtel Malawi goes off the air as fire destroys it headquarter and millions of Kwachas worth of equipment destroyed.

Kenya to link grid to Southern African Electricity Pool.

Kenyan Energy Minister announces plan link Kenya's national electricity grid to the South African Power Pool (SAPP).

Kenya to link electric grid to South Africa

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