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Nigeria : Who is in charge?

With President Yar'Adua in Saudi Arabia rumoured to be in critical condition. Guardian columnist Ruben Abati asks "Who is in charge?"

Nigeria who is in charge?

Sahara Cheetah Spotted in Algeria

The critically endangered Saharan cheetah has been photographed in Algeria by researchers from the Zoological Society of London.

Rare Cheetah spotted in Algeria

Lost in space: The case of Nigeria’s missing satellite

Nigeria launched its first satellite to huge fanfare in 2007, but one year later the whole project has turned into a national embarrassment as the satellite was initially reported lost, then found and finally shut down.

Nigerian satellite 'lost'

1.4 Billion Dollars Pledged to Save the River Niger

Donors pledge to save the River Niger which is the lifeblood of 110 million people living in West Africa.

The Niger river snakes through Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria, covering an area of 2.1 million square kilometres (800,000 square miles), a third of west Africa's land mass.

Africa’s Power Problem

Power generation is one of Africa’s biggest problems, more so especially now that the continent has had a decade of persistent growth; demand has far outstripped its supply.

Load shedding or power rationing is a common occurrence on the continent

New Atlas Shows the “Dramatic Changes” in African Landscape

A new report released by the United Nations Environment Program features satellite images taken over 35 year period that shows what is describes as striking effects on the environment brought about by climate change in Africa.

Plantations in Campo-Ma’an: Cameroon. 1973 on the left and 2001 on the right.


Rwanda launches Africa's largest Solar Power Plant.

Rwanda has launched Africa largest solar power plant which will provide 250kW to the national grid.

Rwanda commisions Africa's largest solar power  plant.

South Africa to build largest telescope

South Africa to be home for the world's largest telecope.

South Africa aims for the world's largest telescope

Temperatures plummet as big freeze hits South Africa.

22 people have been reported dead as South Africa experiences sub-zero temperatures.

South Africa experiences big freeze.

Nigeria sends communication satellite into space.

Nigeria collaborates with China to send communications satellite into space.

NIGCOMSAT-1 launched from China yesterday.

Electricity blackouts in South Africa.

South African cities experience widespread blackouts as Eskom struggles to meet supply.

South Africa faces power cuts.

Africa's least-known carnivore in Tanzania.

Mongoose is one more rare find in the mountains of Southern Tanzania

Mongoose captured on camera - USDA Photo

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