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UN Chief tells Nigerians to ignore "Acid Rain" rumours

As text message fuelled rumours of acid rain keeps Nigerians indoors, Nigerian authorities and UN representatives in the country seek to debunk the rumour.

Acid Rain rumours sweep Nigeria

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak recovers after surgery.

Egypt's long serving President Hosni Mubarak is said to be reovering after surgery in Germany.

Mubarak recovers after operation

Nigeria Mobilises to wrap up Malaria

Nigeria starts new campaign to eradicate Malaria by targeting 30m homes with bed nets.

Nigeria to tackle Malaria

Toxic Irish Pork banned in Angola.

The Angolan Authorities have banned the importation of Irish Pork following the recent revelation by the Irish government of possible contamination of Irish pork and pork products with the chemical dioxin.

Angola bans toxic Irish pork

Ethiopia on the Brink of Severe Food Crisis

Many Ethiopians are at risk as a severe hunger crisis hits the southern part of the country as a result of a drought brought about by late rains and high food prices currently engulfing the world.

A farmer in the drought struck Ethiopian prays for the rains to come

WHO Lets Down Africans in Preventing Global Pandemic of Aids

The World Health Organisation (WHO) admits that its global strategy to drive down the threat of an Aids pandemic may have been misdirected.


Breakthrough in Sickle Cell research.

Scientists at the University of Alabama, Birmingham make important breakthrough in sickle cell research using stem cells.

Breakthrough in Sickle Cell research achieved.

Nigeria files multi-billion dollar law suit against BAT, Phillip Morris and International Tobacco.

The Nigerian government is to take on ‘Big Tobacco’ in a landmark N5.3 trillion Naira ( US$43 Billion ) lawsuit over allegations the companies targeted minors.

Nigeria launches suit against Tobacco firms.

South Africa to roll out tough new anti-tobacco laws

South Africa moves closer to implementing some of the world's toughest anti-tobacco laws.

South Africa to toughen anti-smoking laws.

Cameroon, Sierra Leone Eradicate Guinea Worm.

World Health Organisation (WHO) declares Cameroon and Sierra Leone Guinea Worm free.

WHO says Cameroon, Sierra Leone Guinea Worm free

Togo bans Chicken imports from Ghana.

Togo has banned the importation of Ghanaian chickens over bird flu fears.

Togo bans Ghanaian chicken imports

Nigeria and Others in Risk of Blowing Efforts to Eradicate Polio

Challenges in Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan hamper efforts for the global eradication of polio.

Political challenges in Nigeria are hindering the eradication of polio

GE to aid healthcare in 10 African countries

US giant expands its philanthropic initiative as with a $20 million donation to provide medical and infrastructure equipment across Africa.

GE Expands Its Healthcare Initiative to Hospitals in 10 African Countries

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