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"Welcome to Lagos". Innocent documentary or negative stereotype

The BBC's documentary 'Welcome to Lagos' has set the Nigerian blog-sphere alight as debate rages on the true intent of the programme.

Welcome to Lagos

David Cook gives back on trip to Ethiopia

David Cook winer of American Idol from Season 7 has teamed up with United Nations Foundation to promote the Biruh Tesfa (Bright Future) project in Ethiopia as part of "Idol Give Back".

Idol David Cook in Ethiopia

Ritual killings shock Liberia

The ritualistic killing of a pregnant woman and her unborn child by several people including a number of prominent citizens has shocked Liberia.

Ritual killings haunt Liberia

Malawi gay couple face full court trial

A judge in Malawi says that two gay men arrested in December after getting engaged have a case to answer.

Malawi Gay trial

Jub Jub's family under police protection

The fallout from Hip Hop star Molemo "Jub Jub" Maaroohanye's trial for murder continues as his family's business is put under police protection.

Police protection for Jub Jub's family

Zuma's wives costing South Africa a fortune.

President Jacob Zuma's large family is costing South Africa's taxpayers a fortune. The three wives and 20 children are costing the state over £1m a year in expenses.

Zuma's wives cost South Africa a fortune

South Africa sends rescue teams aid to Haiti

South African charity Gift of Givers are mobilising to send Rescue teams and aid to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. The announcement was made by the head of the charity Emtiaz Sooliman.

South Africa sends aid to Haiti

Rwanda switches from French to English

Rwanda has made a decision to switch from the use of French as the official business language to English. This report from France 24 visits Rwanda to see assess the impact of this switch on education, business and other aspects of national life in the central African country.

Rwanda the transition from Francophone to Anglophone

Togo to receive $1.8m to light up Lome

Lome Capital of Togo is to receive $1,82m to fund the provision of lighting

Lome to be lit up

Africa has to find its own road to prosperity

A letter from the President of Rwanda to London’s financial times argues that Aid is debilitating rather aiding African economies and entrepreneurship rather than aid is the key to development.

Aid will not aid Africa - Kagame


Kenyan Man commits suicide over Arsenal loss

Anyone who’s been to Africa recently would be struck by one thing the almost universal popularity of the English Premier League and it seems this love for English soccer is now been taken to extremes.

Kenyan tragedy as Arsenal loses.

Algeria’s burgeoning female police force

Algeria has the largest number of female police officers in the Arab world and the latest batch of 177 female officers graduated recently.

Algeria gets more female police officers

Pope on first trip to Africa

Pope Benedict XVI the head of the Roman Catholic Church is to undertake his first visit to Africa this month.

Pope to visit Africa

Babatunde Fashola ‘Action governor’ Turning Lagos Around

Babatunde Fashola, the youngest ever governor of Lagos state, is being credited for turning around the fortunes of Nigeria’s largest city.

Fashola transforms Lagos

Over 100 killed in Kenya fire.

Kenya is in mourning after over a 100 people are killed in a petrol tanker explosion.

100 killed in Kenyan fire.

Helen Suzman anti-apartheid heroine dies aged 91

Helen Suzman the celebrated anti-apartheid campaigner has passed away aged 91. She died at home in Johannesburg on Thursday.

Helen Suzman passes away

The Mumbai Massacre: A Nigerian Eyewitness Account

Kamar Bakrin who was in India and was close to the scene of the bomb blast when terrorists hit Mumbai last week wrote about his experience

Nigerian eye witness describes events in Mumbai

The Mumbai Massacre: A South African Eyewitness Account

The air crew of South African Airlines recount the ordeal they faced trapped in their Mumbai hotel.

South African air crew recount terror of Mumbai massacre

Mumbai Terror Attack, South Africans Recount Ordeal

As the world comes to terms with the carnage in Mumbai, stories are emerging of how survivors escaped from the terror that has seized India’s commercial capital.

South Africans recount ordeal in Mumbai

South African MP Nhlanhla Nene becomes overnight YouTube star.

If South African MP Nhlanhla Nene had any doubts of the reach of the Internet he won’t anymore as he becomes its latest, albeit unwitting, star.

South African MP becomes YouTube star

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