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Goodluck Jonathan sworn in a President

After the death of President Umaru Yar'Adua yesterday, Goodluck Jonathan was today sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as President

Nigeria's President Umaru Yar'Adua is dead

The death of Nigeria's President Umaru Yar'Adua has been confirmed by the Presidency. He was 58 years old. Al Jazeera reports.

President Yar'Adua's death confirmed

Yar Adua is dead - Nigerian Newspaper

The Nigerian Newspaper - Thisday is this evening reporting that the President of Nigeria Umar Yar' Adua has died.

Yar'Adua dies

Emirates to increase flights to Abidjan

The Dubai based airline Emirates is to increase the number of flights to Ivory Coast.

More flights from Dubai to Abidjan

Apple's iPad hits the South African market.

Apple has been at the forefront of many of the key technological and design innovations over the last decade most notably the iPod and the iPhone.

Not content with radically changing the look and feel of mobile phones and MP3 players they have now turned their sights on tablet computing with the iPad, and the South African website ITWeb asks what this means for the South African market.

iPad hits South Africa

Lufthansa to fly flagship A380 from Frankfurt to Johannesburg

Lufthansa airlines is bring into service the Airbus 380, the world's largest passenger airliner, on its route from Frankfurt to Johannesburg.. The flagship jet will also be introduced on the routes to Tokyo and Beijing.

Lufthansa to fly airbus A380 to Johannesburg

Zimbabwe budget airline launched.

The Zimbabwe's aviation market gets a boost as new budget airline opens its doors to customers.

Budget airline for Zimbabwe

"Welcome to Lagos". Innocent documentary or negative stereotype

The BBC's documentary 'Welcome to Lagos' has set the Nigerian blog-sphere alight as debate rages on the true intent of the programme.

Welcome to Lagos

Christiane Amanpour interviews Goodluck Jonathan

CNN's Christiane Amanpour interview Nogeria's acting President Goodluck Jonathan.

Interview with Goodluck Jonathan

Welcome to Lagos

BBC starts a major documentary series looking at the people of West Africa's largest city - Lagos.

BBC shows major documentary on Nigeria's largest city Lagos


Goodluck Jonathan hold talks with Obama

In a sign that the political uncertainty that gripped Nigeria following the illness of President Umaru Yar'Adua has eased, acting President Goodluck Jonathan embarked on a high profile visit to the United States where he held talks with President Barack Obama.

Jonathan meets Obama

Julius Malema to face disciplinary action

The controversial Youth Leader of South Africa's African National Congress Julius Malema is to face disciplinary action over serious of actions that have embarrassed the ruling party.

Malema to be disciplined

Boycotts mar Sudan elections

Sudan's multi party elections are in danger of becoming a farce as opposition partied in both the North and South of the country boycott the elections.

Boycotts mar Sudan election

Emirates to fly from Nairobi to Amsterdam

Tourism and tropical flowers are the twin drivers behind the decision of Dubai based airline Emirates launching flights from Nairobi to Amsterdam via Dubai.

Emirates to launch Nairobi to Amsterdam

"Gay sex" link to Eugene Terreblanche's death

The murder of South African white supremist leader Eugene Terreblanche has taken a surprising twist as the defence lawyers have alleged that the prime suspects, two black farm workers were subject to a gay sex attack by Eugene Terrblanche.

Gay rape alleged in Terreblanch murder

Farm hands charged in Eugene TerreBlanche murder

Two farm labourers were today charged to court in connection with the murder of white separatist leader Eugene TerreBlanche.

Court tension over TerreBlanche murder

Nigeria's acting President swears in new cabinet.

Goodluck Jonathan has sworn in a new cabinet with several new faces taking up their ministerial positions. Appointments on note are those to the Finance and Oil ministries.

Jonathan swears in cabinet

Ethiopian Airlines is the fastest growing in Eastern Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways battle for dominance over the skies of Africa, but it looks Like Ethiopian Airlines is edging ahead with some bold strategic moves.

Ethiopian Airlines on fast growth path

Guinea Bissau tension eases as PM resumes duty.

The political tension in Guinea-Bissau has eased after Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior resumed duties after being held bymutining soldiers last week.

Guinea Bissau Prime Minister resumes after mutiny

Morocco to get eight new hotels courtesy of Ramada Group

Ramada group is to construct eight new hotels in Morocco as part of the country's plans to attract at least 10 million visitors a year by the end of this year.

Morocco to get six new luxury

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