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Julius Malema defies court order sings "Kill the Boer"

Last Updated: 4/3/2010 7:57:45 PM

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African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema defied a South African court order to desist from singing "dubula ibhunu" (kill the boer), insisting the interdict does not apply in Zimbabwe where he was on a visit.....

Malema sings
Malema sings "Kill the Boer" in Harare

ANC youth leader Julius Malema arrived in Zimbabwe to a hero's welcome late Friday with hordes of Zanu-PF supporters gathered at Harare airport chanting his "Dubula ibhunu" song which is now outlawed in his native South Africa.

The firebrand politician, flanked by his delegation as well as several Zanu-PF officials and businessmen, looked surprised but immediately beamed with delight on hearing the song.

He then joined in the singing and clapping along with the chanting crowds before being whisked away to his five star hotel in central Harare in a 30-vehicle convoy.

The "Dubula ibhunu" (kill the boer) anti-apartheid song was outlawed in South Africa last week after a civil rights group argued in court that it could incite racial violence.

However, the ANC has since indicated that it will appeal the court decision.

Meanwhile Malema is in Harare at the invitation of his Zanu PF counterparts to exchange views and share experiences on empowerment, land reform and nationalisation.

The 29 year-old is a vociferous proponent of nationalisation of South Africa's mines and other key industries.

He arrives in Zimbabwe at a time when the government has effected regulations requiring foreign-owned businesses worth at least US$500 000 to cede 51 percent of their equity to locals.

Zanu PF youth secretary, Absolom Sikhosana said Malema's visit would help further the cause of indigenous economic empowerment on the African continent.

"We want African countries to fight the war against imperialism together, just like what the Europeans and the Americans do.

"We are excited that our guest shares the same beliefs with President (Robert) Mugabe who wants to see the wealth of our countries in the hands of indigenous people, Sikhosana was reported as saying ahead of Malema's arrival.

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