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Angola ambush is not going to affect WC 2010

Last Updated: 1/10/2010 11:49:07 AM

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Danny Jordaan says Angola ambush has no effect on WC 2010 ....

WC2010 not affected by Angola ambush
WC2010 not affected by Angola ambush

World Cup boss Danny Jordaan says South Africa's hosting of the tournament will not be affected by the attack on Togo's team bus at the Africa Cup of Nations. Togo withdrew from the Cup of Nations after the gun attack in Angola, which is said to have killed three people.

But Jordaan said there was no reason for the incident in Angola to have any impact on the World Cup in June. "It's nothing to do with it and I think everybody understands it has nothing to do with South Africa," he said.

"When there was a bomb in London no-one said we should not have 2012 in London so we cannot have double standards."

There are many tickets still to be sold for the World Cup matches, which begin on 11 June, and there was concern that the horrific attack might persuade fans not to travel to the tournament.

"I don't think the world has ever asked one country to take responsibility for what happens in another country," Jordaan added.

"Every country's responsibility is to safeguard the event in their country so South Africa is nothing to do with the deployment of the forces in Angola."

Jordaan insisted he struggled to understand the apprehension regarding safety at the World Cup following the attack.

"Fortunately the majority of the world is not influenced by warped understanding of the African continent," he said.

"If there is a war in Kosovo and a World Cup in Germany, no-one asks if the World Cup can go on in Germany, everyone understands the war in Kosovo is a war in Kosovo.

"The world must be balanced and must not apply different standards when it comes to the African continent.

"Our World Cup is secure and we are confident because we have employed a lot of resources to safeguard the event in our country."

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