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Algeria and Egypt’s World Cup feud simmers on.

Last Updated: 11/22/2009 7:59:50 AM

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The World Cup qualifier between Egypt and Algeria may have been settled on the field but off the field a bitter feud between the two countries rumbles on.....

Algeria Egypt World Cup feud rumbles on.
Algeria Egypt World Cup feud rumbles on.

The bitter feud between Algeria and Egypt after their World Cup qualification matches rumbles on and is showing little sign of simmering anytime soon. In the latest development the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak has waded into the row vowing to “protect the dignity of Egyptians abroad”.

In the televised statement to a joint session of parliament, President Mubarak said his country will not be lax in defending the rights and integrity of its citizens.

"Egypt does not tolerate those who hurt the dignity of its sons," he said.

On Friday, riot police had to quell a violent demonstration near the Algerian embassy in Cairo. Egypt's interior ministry said 35 people were injured.

A day earlier, around 1,000 Egyptians burned Algerian flags in a street near the Algerian embassy.

The row developed after the Algerian and Egyptian teams needed a play-off in a neutral country to decide on qualification after the final group match between them on Saturday saw Egypt win 2-0, meaning the two teams finished tied at the top of the group with equal points and identical goal difference.

Fifa has opened disciplinary proceedings against Egypt after the Algerian team bus was pelted with stones before the 14 November match in Cairo.

Three Algerian players were injured by rocks thrown as they arrived and played the mathc swathed in bandages.


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