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Camara declares himself President as Guinea coup is fait accompli

Last Updated: 12/26/2008 7:09:30 PM

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The uncertainty over the coup in Guinea dissipates as members of the old government concede power to coup plotters.....

Camara declares himself President.
Camara declares himself President.

The coup in Guinea seems is a fait accompli as leader of the coup plotters Captain Moussa Dadis Camara has declared himself the ‘President of the Republic’ after former Prime Minister Ahmed Tidjane Souare declares himself at the service of the new President.

The declaration comes days after the death of Guinea’s last President Lansana Conte. Initially the remnants of the Conte government stood defiant against the coup but today their resolve has vanished as their capitulated to the rising authority of Camara and his co-plotters.

Having announced himself as President, Camara has also pledged to hold democratic elections to restore a civilian government by December 2010 and said he has no intention of standing in these elections.

Earlier on Wednesday Camara had called on all members of the previous government to report to a military camp with 24 hours and after the Prime Minister under Conte, Ahmed Tidjane Souare duly reported and pledged his support for the new military government, it effectively handed fully authority to Camara’s new government.

Concerns however remain as to how factions in the Army that were loyal to ex-President Conte particularly those from Conte’s Soussou region of Guinea will react to the change in government. Unifying the army will be high on the list of Camara’s priorities.

The concession of the old regime and the generally positive response from the Guinean public for the new regime poses a challenge for the regional and international opposition to the coup that arose in its aftermath as it increasingly seems likely the only issue for debate is how long Camara will hold onto power rather than if he will hold onto power.


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