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Rwanda launches Africa's largest Solar Power Plant.

Last Updated: 6/8/2007 4:25:24 PM

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Rwanda has launched Africa largest solar power plant which will provide 250kW to the national grid.....

Rwanda commisions Africa's largest solar power  plant.
Rwanda commisions Africa's largest solar power plant.

Rwanda yesterday unveiled a 250-kilowatt solar plant. The plant built with some funding from the German state of Rhineland is said to be the largest in Africa. The power plant is located at Jali hill in the Gasabo district and was built at a cost of about 700m Rwandan francs (£700,000; US$1.3 million).

At the opening the State Minister for Communication and Energy Albert Butare declared the solar plant "reliable and very cheap to maintain", adding: "This new installation does not only increase the generation capacity but is also one of the cleanest energy sources. It is the biggest such project in Africa. There is no comparison on record."

The new plant makes is part of an initiative to reduce Rwanda's dependency of hydro- and diesel-generated electricity. Rwanda's energy strategy includes rolling out more solar energy in remote rural areas, as well as using large methane deposits under Lake Kivu. A methane gas-driven four megawatt pilot plant is nearing completion and this is to be followed by a 25-megawatt facility.


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