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Anger as Inge Bongo shops for $25 million mansion.

Last Updated: 1/17/2010 2:49:38 PM

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There is anger in Gabon as Omar Bongo's daughter-in-law is featured on a American reality show shopping for a $25 million mansion.....

Controversy in Gabon
Controversy in Gabon

In a recent edition of the reality programme "Really Rich Real Estate" shown on the American Music Channel VH1, Inge Bongo daughter-in-law of the Gabonese President is featured shopping for a $25 million mansion in one of America's most exclusive neighbourhoods Malibu.

Inge Bongo is married to Ali Ben Bongo, the Gabonese Minister of Interior and Defence and President Bongo's son and heir apparent in the oil rich Gabon.

Concern has been raised as to how 48 year old Ali Ben Bongo and his wife are able to afford a $25 million mansion. Concerns that are fuelled by the catalogue of corruption allegations that have been levelled against the Bongo family over the 40 years Omar Bongo has been in power.

In 2005, an investigation by the United States Senate Committee into fundraising irregularities by lobbyist Jack Abramoff revealed that Abramoff had offered to arrange a meeting between U.S. President George W. Bush and Bongo for the sum of 9 million USD. Though it is unproven as to whether or not the exchange took place, Bush met with Bongo 10 months later in the Oval Office.

In 2003 in France's biggest corporate sleaze trial in which several former executives of the oil Giant Elf were jailed payments totaling $16.7 million were alledged to have been made to Omar Bongo in exchange for Elf being given preference over British and US oil firms.


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Comment By: Afroc

Oh My gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched this and I AM DISGUSTED!!! First of I was confused as to what an African heiress....heiress to what?? Then I see this white woman with Botoxed lips talking about how a house with a gazillion bedrooms and all the frills IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!!! Say what? Why is she buying a mansion in the US? I am sure the people in Gabon are going without while these people steal, steal and steal. I do not care if she was a model (seems like a has been) I know she does not have that kind of money. Gross!

Posted On: Thursday, November 27, 2008 7:39 AM

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