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Uganda begins free universal secondary school education

Last Updated: 2/19/2007 11:55:51 PM

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The much anticipated Universal Secondary Education (USE) kicked of in Uganda yesterday and schools across the country have been inundated with new students. ....

Uganda starts free secondary eduction.
Uganda starts free secondary eduction.

In 2005 the Ugandan government announced that it would embark on free Universal Secondary Education (USE) for Ugandans, It promised a one year feasibility study with a view to introducing the scheme this year and yesterday the government delivered on the promise. Across the country hundreds of students who in previous years may have been denied access, flocked to take up this historic opportunity.

In implementing USE, Uganda becomes the first country in Africa to have free secondary education as it aims to raise the number of students attending from a fifth of school age children to universal attendance. In 1997 Uganda began implementing universal education for children of primary school age, and it is expected that recent graduates of this programme will now continue their education under the USE. The secondary school scheme is expected to cost about 100 billion Shillings ($55milion) of the country's 620 billion shillings ($330million).

Some 250,000 students are expected to benefit from the programme which the government says would double the number of children attending secondary school in Uganda.


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