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GE to aid healthcare in 10 African countries

Last Updated: 10/6/2006 11:01:19 AM

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US giant expands its philanthropic initiative as with a $20 million donation to provide medical and infrastructure equipment across Africa.....

GE Expands Its Healthcare Initiative to Hospitals in 10 African Countries
GE Expands Its Healthcare Initiative to Hospitals in 10 African Countries

American giant General Electric (GE) and one of the word’s largest companies recently announced that it would be cooperating with Columbia University’s Earth Institute to improve primary healthcare facilities in Africa. GE would be donating healthcare, water, energy and electrical system products will benefit more than a dozen hospitals near Millennium Village Project sites where The Earth Institute is working with communities and governments in 10 African nations.

The Millennium Villages Project (MVP), which currently operates in 10 African countries, including: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Mali, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda;, is a brain child of the UN brought about to aid rural communities in Africa achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. These comprises of eight objectives to speed up the reduction or end of extreme poverty, hunger, disease, inequality and other pressing issues facing the World’s poorest countries.

GE announced that it would be contributing some much needed equipments, which would include healthcare and power generation equipment to water filtration systems, appliances and lighting. This would be backed up by the provision of necessary training and support to ensure effective use and maximum benefit to the communities involved.

"This is a remarkable contribution. It will save a vast number of lives, and help to inspire actions by others that will save millions of lives," said Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. "GE's unique technological leadership and unrivaled global reputation will draw individuals and businesses from all sectors to the village-based economic development and to the fight against extreme poverty. Most importantly it will bring life and hope to the poorest people in the world today."

Access to healthcare services for many people in rural Africa involves trekking a grueling distance of unpaved roads by foot or bicycle, in some instances, the distance being a s long as 150 kilometers ( 93 miles ). Millennium Village sites with health centers, which provide limited diagnostic and treatment services, offer a life saving alternatives in emergency situations, especially in the cases of expectant mothers well the difference of traveling just a mile makes a difference in whether her baby lives or dies.


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