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Author Thread: Zumba-Dance off the Ponds!
Zumba-Dance off the Ponds!
Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2010 5:54 AM
No matter your age or fitness level is a sort of Zumba to everyone. Zumba Gold is designed specifically for who is more than 50, which may have limited mobility. Zumba helps improve balance, heart rate and training and improve flexibility. In many ways this is an excellent combination of yoga and aerobics or activity.You can get many benefits from Zumba also get rid of stress, improve the control of movement, better bone density, improve self-esteem, improve function brain and more. These classes also allow you to go out and meet new people and a little big year.

Zumba workout typically lasts an hour and during this time you can burn about 500 calories depending on your height and weight. This is a very good match for other forms of exercise such as jogging for one hour burns about 650 calories, exercising for one hour about 450 calories and if you swim for an hour, you can expect calories. The burn 410 best places to look for Zumba workout at your gym or local clubs fitness. You should also check with the YMCA. If you have trouble finding the class and then do it at home. Many times, if there is enough interest in a fitness facility will add to the activity.


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